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Please make sure you’ve read all the tips, guidelines, policies, etc. on our website. By hiring Reptacular Animals and/or affiliates you agree that you’ve had the opportunity to read and understand everything and you all to all of them. We want to have your event be spectacular while protecting the safety of our animals, entertainers and staff.

PAYMENT: All private party bookings require a minimum non-refundable deposit of $50 per service. More expensive packages or longer bookings usually have a larger deposit.

Any remaining balance(s) will be due the day of in cash. Unfortunately we do not accept checks. If client decides to add time the day of (and if the performer is able) any additional time will be added to client’s previous balance and must be paid in cash only. We CANNOT guarantee that said performer will be able to add time to your event the day of unless you have scheduled in advance as we often have several bookings a day for each performer.

If client prefers to pay any remaining balance by credit card client agrees to contact the office at least 24 hours in advance or by Friday at noon for any events falling on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday. You may not pay your balance via credit card the day of.

In the severely unlikely event that your scheduled entertainer cancels due to illness, emergency, any, “Acts of God” or otherwise uncontrollable situation, you will receive a full refund of your paid deposit and not be responsible for your balance. Otherwise there are no refunds for deposits or after services rendered.

If no deposit was given for a corporate or school booking, the full balance is due the day of the event. If payment will not be ready (i.e. waiting on a city invoice to get processed), you must communicate with Reptacular Animals prior to the event. There is a 30 day grace period for payment. After one month, there will be a $10 fee per week of from the original event date for excessive waiting to receive full payment. Any amount not paid in full within 60 days is subject to additional interest, penalties, collection fees, and/or additional court fees. By using our services, the organization agrees to these terms.

ONLINE ORDERS: In the event you have ordered a service online and we are unable to fill your request you will receive a full refund of any amount paid (some services require that we check the performer/show is available prior to booking). If client has not checked the availability beforehand, or if the specific service previously checked has since become unavailable in the interim, we can either refund your full amount deposited/paid or client may apply their deposit to another service. Restrictions and stipulations may apply.

PERMITS AND LICENSES: Client shall assume all costs for any and all permits and or licenses required by local ordinance. There is no refund if a client fails to check ordinances or obtain proper paperwork and services are unable to be rendered.

ARRIVAL: Our staff will at least 10 minutes before your scheduled start time to greet and set-up. Some services will arrive even earlier as different services require longer set-ups. Bottom line is your scheduled time is when the service BEGINS, not when we actually arrive. In the severely unlikely event that your scheduled entertainer cancels due to illness, emergency, or otherwise uncontrollable situation, you will receive a full refund of your paid deposit.

LATENESS: We make every effort to arrive at your event by the scheduled performance time. Occasionally, factors beyond our control affect our ability to do so. If service ordered arrives more than 30 minutes late to said event client has the right to cancel the service and will be refunded deposit in full. If the client accepts the service ordered, the client shall be responsible for any balances dues in its entirety. Due to increased traffic, inclement weather, “Acts of God”, and freeway construction, please allow up to 30 minutes after scheduled start time for the service to begin. In the event that your performer is running late, he/she will stay the allotted time afterwards to make up for their lateness.

PARKING: The entertainer(s) often need to make several trips to and from their vehicle to prepare and/or set-up at the venue. Some services require lengthy set-ups and/or have supplies that are heavy. Please save a close parking spot for the entertainer(s) so that we may be on time to your event.

Pony Parking
Our pony trailers need a close place to park with no backing up or turning around required (please!). Please save a spot 4 car lengths long on a straight away. We cannot park in the driveway. The area in front of a typical house with driveways on either side is perfect! Narrow cul-de-sacs and dead ends can present major issues, delaying setup and forfeiting the client’s service time. Please let us know ahead of time if parking might be an issue and we can recommend some options.

Parking Fees
Any parking fees incurred by the entertainer(s) must be fully validated and/or reimbursed by the client. This amount can be added to the initial booking, or paid direct to the entertainer(s) the day of. If the scheduled entertainer(s) has access to “free parking” but this requires a long walking distance to get to the venue, the entertainer may opt to park in a closer area that requires payment. In this case, client is still responsible for reimbursing any parking fees incurred. If client is unable to save a close parking spot and the entertainer(s) must park far away from the venue this may result in a late start time and the entertainer(s) may not be able to make up the time after if he/she is scheduled on another event immediately after. In this case, client is still responsible for the entire amount due even if the entertainer(s) was unable to stay the allotted time.

Set Up
Our set up time takes about 10 minutes. It goes much faster if the guests can wait to be surprised by the animals until we’re ready to start. So, if your show is at 2pm, we’d arrive around 1:45 p.m. to set up. We allow 15 minutes maximum for setup for all packages (except the deluxe petting zoos 25 minutes).

Any additional setup time beyond 15 minutes will be deducted from the allot time to keep your entertainer(s) running on time for later shows. In the case of extremely difficult setup the entertainer might have to end early as well to allow for packing up time to remain on schedule for events booked after yours. Typical setup is about 4-5 school bus lengths with minimal stairs or obstacles (street to the backyard of a house, school parking lot down to a classroom). We’ve done a petting zoo up 4 flights of stairs or hauled animals deep within a Beverly Hills Estate, no problem. Those clients just let us know ahead of time so we could account for it. J Bottom line: If you think your setup might not be typical, just ask! It’s much better to be prepared and arrive extra early than have trouble and run late during your event.

Multiple stairs can be an issue. Please let us know if you have any stairs and we can consult on the best option. For lots of stairs, if we deem it possible, then there will be a surcharge as setup will be much more time consuming. Technically the charge is for extra time that we use to setup and pack up to allow us to remain on schedule. Ponies cannot walk down a staircase as well as some of our petting zoo animals.

RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE: Our staff and their safety is of utmost importance to us. If your entertainer(s) feel at any given time that their safety has been comprised or if they have entered into a volatile situation, are abused physically, emotionally and/or sexually harassed in any way, we have the right to refuse service and have instructed our staff to exit the premises immediately in such a case. You will not be refunded any deposits you have made in the event that this occurs, and you may be charged for the time the performer has already performed.

PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Unless noted otherwise, client agrees and understands that any video/photos taken by Reptacular Animals or given to Reptacular Animals are property of Reptacular Animals and can be used in all advertising. If you do not wish any photos/videos taken at your event be used, please let us know upon booking.

GRATUITIES: Gratuity is not included but always appreciated! Our entertainers work hard and LOVE when you show your appreciation.

CREDIT CARDS/PAYPAL: Client has authorized Reptacular Animals to charge their credit card or PayPal account for the amount of any deposits as well as any balances due for all services ordered. Client agrees that they are the rightful owner of said credit card or PayPal account and has full permission to use accordingly.

RETURNED CHECK POLICY: Reptacular Animals is happy to continue offering the privilege of accepting a check payment the day of the show. Any returned check is subject to a $25.00 collection fee plus a $10.00 insufficient funds fee when returned check happens initially. If Reptacular Animals has a credit card on file, Reptacular Animals is authorized to run the returned check amount plus fee on that credit card. If payment is not resolved immediately, there will be a $10 fee added on per week from the original event date. Any amount not paid in full within 30 days is subject to additional interest, penalties, collection fees, and/or additional court fees. By writing a check the day of the show, the check writer agrees to these terms.

By hiring Reptacular Animals and/or any of its affiliates, client (and/or any person or organization reserving any form of entertainment) the client acknowledges that he/she has had the opportunity to read and understands, agrees with and accepts all these terms and conditions stated above. Client, and/or any person or organization renting ANY equipment(s), live animals, or entertainment services including any “Shows”, agrees to HOLD HARMLESS, “Reptacular Animals Corporation” and/or “Reptacular Animals”, and the OWNERS, as well as any of its affiliates, including any employees and/or independent subcontractors, subcontracted companies or any other persons from and against any and all liability and/or any losses, costs, damages, expenses, including attorney’s fees, on account of any and all lawsuits, claims, including claims of any trademark or copyright infringement(s) or claims for personal injury, illness or death.

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