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Our Story

Reptacular Animals was created to fulfill the dreams of children and adults everywhere, giving audiences an opportunity to interact directly with animals in a safe environment. Reptacular Ranch is owned by Jennifer and Cory Lagusker whose lifelong passion for animals brought them together. They built Reptacular Ranch, and together, took a bunch of animal enthusiasts and turned us into a Reptacular family.

Jennifer has always loved reptiles, and while other kids might scream at the sight of a snake, she was the first to make friends with it. In high school, she founded a club called S.O.A.P (Student Outreach Animal Program) that raised money for animal charities. While attending UCLA and working toward her biology degree, Jennifer found herself as a veterinarian technician’s assistant to pay her way through college. She also served as an LA Zoo docent, giving tours to school groups and the public. At the zoo, she became a part of an observation team that recorded the behaviors of Western Lowland Gorillas.

Meanwhile, Cory was always an avid tortoise enthusiast. Instead of attending his CSUN graduation, he chose to help study sea turtles in Mexico and was part of their research team for a month. His love of Testudines (tortoises and turtles) led him to the turtle club and the online Tortoise Forum, of which he was among the first members. Through our two sulcata tortoises, Sultan and Pharoah, who are still part of the family, Cory and Jennifer connected. Cory was an Army helicopter pilot and after serving his country, returned to help continue building Reptacular Ranch with his blossoming family. Jennifer and Cory share their love of animals with their two sons: Leo and Mateo.

At Reptacular Animals, we focus on animal education for the public while providing an unforgettable experience. With this grand goal in mind, we have a team of supportive and knowledgeable staff that truly love our animals. Our skilled handlers bring smiles and knowledge through our Edventure packages and classes all over Southern California and have been doing so since 2008. Together, we have introduced animals to thousands of children and adults. It is our hope that through an interactive experience from Reptacular Animals, you will cultivate the desire to save the planet for all.

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